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Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

Bakmie Suang, Kelapa Gading

Hi Eaters.

Kelapa Gading is widely known besides having lots of well-known seafood establishment around, it also has many delicious noodles restaurants you can easily find among the side of the streets.
About a couple of weeks ago I ventured this area, hoping to find good noodles for breakfast in a Sunday morning and winded up trying one at this noodle restaurant, Bakmie Suang.

It is not the fanciest, nor the prettiest noodle restaurant around and it was pretty empty when I got there.  Well, one thing I learned from my experiences throughout the year is that don't let appearance fooled you.
The place was pretty simple, just tables and chairs (they were not that fancy too tho) and eating utensils on top of the table. It's not an air conditioned room, thus only using electric fans sealed to the wall. It might get pretty hot in a sunny day tho, so I would expect they would change this semi-indoor concept and put air conditioner inside. 
Let's just try the noodles, shall we?

I ordered their Bakmie Super Komplit. It was basically noodles served with all the complete toppings that they offered on the menu (see the flatlay pics to see the toppings). You can either choose to have it served with chicken or pork. To be more objective, I ordered both the chicken and the pork.
One thing I really loved about this restaurant was that they also served fried pork fat. I couldn't remember the last time I ever saw any pork noodle restaurant that actually served this kind of garnish, so yeah it was a plus point for me.

Bakmie Ayam Super Komplit - IDR 30K

For the chicken noodles I had it with thin curly noodles, just the way I like it. The noodles were springy and firm. I think the noodles here were all homemade so yeah it was good. The toppings were abundant, but the one I liked were the chicken chasiu and the fish meatball. The noodles were quite okay, though I think it needs to be a little bit more salty.

Bakmie Babi Super Komplit - IDR 30K

For the pork noodles, I tried their flat wide noodle. Again, I really do love the consistency of the noodles. Like the thin curly noodles, this flat wide noodles was also springy and firm, thus it tasted so good when you chew it. The seasoning was a bit better compared to the chicken noodles, though I expect the flavor and the aroma of the pork could be more intriguing. The pork chasiu, as same as the chicken chasiu, was a complete satisfaction for me. It tasted so good.

Oh yes, there were also some fried dumplings that came along with the noodles. They were also very nice and tasty. The fillings were prawn and chicken (I assume) and were also seasoned nicely too.

Soda Badak - IDR 15K

It was so exciting to see this soda drink in the drink list menu. Soda Badak is just legen.. (wait for it) ..dary!! A simple aid for the hot sunny Sunday weather. Who could resist a fresh sarsaparilla soda? Well, not me!

Overall conclusion, it was a good meal. I wouldn't say it was great tho, just quite okay. It has some itsy bitsy flaws here and there that could always be improved to be better. For a Sunday noodle breakkie, it was quite satisfying.

Keep on chewing!

Jazzy Dee


Bakmie Suang
Jl. Boulevard Utara Kelapa Gading Blok K4 No. 4
Ph: 0878 8728 6600
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

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